Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 7 million 7 hundred and 68

Okay, we all know that isn't accurate..just thought I'd change it up a bit:)

So minus the 7 million 7've got how many days I have been feasting.

The past several days I have been sooo busy that I have not had time to get on here and post. Still yet I am finding that it is necessary to keep my juices increased so as to stay satisfied. I have a new found perspective: I am not interested in breaking this fast until I have completed what I set out to do. I have too much still going on with my body and the cleansing process to stop now. My true concern is that my body won't even be through detoxing when I complete the 92 days. :( I STILL have arm pimply/bumps, my tongue still has a coat of white-ish/yellow, and the past few weeks (grossness warning) my poo has been more of a solid consistency, and extremely foul smelling (I warned you). Also, being on the Parasite Cleanse and now with this new mouth issue... Yeah, you have not heard about the mouth issue. I have had weird things going on with my gums and not just around my teeth the past 4 days. It got to the point the Saturday I capped off the night with a horrific headache and woke with it..therefore I stayed in bed and in "relaxed" mode most of Sunday. Sunday (yesterday) late night, I visited with my neighbor. She is very into holistic care, vegetarian/vegan eating and smoothies (just to give you a little perspective on her personal stance on things) and she did recommend me to see the local dentist. Not for the "AMA" view, but just for an objective view as to what is going on in my mouth, and more importantly because when she found out I still had amalgam fillings in my mouth (2) she wanted me to get on track to getting them out a.s.a.p. As we all know, or should do our research, that getting the mercury OUT of our mouth is crucial to truly detoxing our bodies. So she got me in to see the Dentist this a.m. and it went well. Unfortunately I have two cavities to address immediately, she also wants to clean my teeth (yes, minus the fluoride), and then she will remove/replace the fillings. YEAH!! All for really cheap:) YEAH!! So it looks like it will be 2 months away, but nonetheless I am closer to having them out then where I was yesterday:) SO I appreciate her input very much. And want to give a Woo Woo to her. She has been drinking smoothies daily for nearly a month for breakfast/lunch and then doing vegetarian dinners. She has said good riddance to 14 lbs (and I hope she doesn't mind me saying all this). are you doing? Did you miss me? Yeah, I didn't think so:) Guess what?! A group of friends and I got to see Food, Inc. in Lexington at the Kentucky Theatre on Saturday. It was great. Very disturbing, the reality and some brief scenes, but again..that is reality. We can continue to hide from it or face it head on and make adjustments as we individually deem necessary. If the movie is playing near you, it is a must see. I went vegan for health reasons, not for "animal rights"..but after seeing the movie and what takes place behind the scenes of the "pretty meat packages" at Walmart (or wherever), it makes you realise that you DON'T want to have ANY part in the support of the horrific (my fav word of the day) things that happen to this environment, humans (the workers in these facilities), or to the the personal, balanced, extent possible. And I will only spill one interesting, and horrific fact..a filling, making up 70% of the filler in meat is AMMONIA!! Ammonia, yeah, the stuff that when you catch a whiff of it you want to hurl and it feels like it is constricting your lungs! Yeah, that stuff. Okay..enough of that. But the movie is worth seeing. It gives you a glimpse of what a "cattle ranch" and "meat packing" facility is like/looks like, and how it came to be "that way".

Well..I guess I am done boring you for now. I weighed in at 148 two days in a row, so that is good. Maybe tomorrow I will be down a 1/2 lb and the next day 147:) That was how my body was moving along when then scale was going downward. Will talk soon~

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  1. I don't mind you saying it at all. . . I wish I were able to juice feast, too. It is a question of affording the machine, or having access to one that keeps me from joining you for your last thirty days. I would be glad to do thirty myself. And, most of my meals are vegan now, I have only had vegetarian once or twice a week. It has been that way for about two weeks. My weight still fluxuates due to hormonal issues with nursing and thyroid, but that too shall pass. Looking forward to cleansing in a year or so. *smiles*