Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 69

Great Day to All~

Today has started out okay.. I'm slowly but surely getting things done that I need to.. In the midst of it all I of course had to stop and make some juices. So I made two, one straight watermelon juice (yum) and the other included 2 cucumbers, 5 carrots, a few stems of cilantro, 3 sm red tomatoes, 1 large orange/yellow tomato, banana pepper, 1 orange bell pepper and some celery:) Could you imagine trying to eat all of that at ONE meal?? It filled up my entire cutting board, the biggest one we have. Oh, and by the time it made it through the juicer, I couldn't even fit all of the slices of cucumber. And the way you see it cut is how it all went in, which my son Valor helped me with. Whenever I am juicing he gets his step stool and accompanies me in the juicing process. He is the official turner on-er/off-er as well as using the piece that pushed the produce into the juicer. He does really well and always tastes my juices and tells me what he thinks. Of course his fav's are the fruit juices (especially watermelon and cantaloupe), but nonetheless he at least tries my other drinks.

Oh, Kendra called me yesterday after doing some research about detoxing..and Gabriel Cousins encourages the castor oil pack application, even if there isn't discomfort in the abdomen. It's supposedly recommended for detoxing in general. I don't know if I mentioned on here that I did this treatment once before, about a week ago.. Anyhow, when Dottie had such extreme detox symptoms after her first colonic, she used this method and with immediate results. So last night I did the castor oil pack again. I felt an obvious difference in my "innards" :) that I can't describe. I intended to do an enema afterwards but it was so late that I didn't get to. So I am about to do it now (yes, I know, several hours later). But I believe you don't have to do an enema afterwards.. Either way, when I got up this morning I was 2 whole pounds lighter! That's the most I've lost in a day span. I don't expect that to keep up, but it was nice to see 146 on the scales. That means I have lost exactly 30 pounds in nearly 70 days. That's remarkable. That's a GREAT place to be. Granted we all have particular goals for ourselves and I am not at mine yet, but to remember where I came from and the low self-esteem..to fast forward 2 months and be here. What a place to be:)
Also..just for those who may be wondering, my mouth feels much better today. It's still a little sore, but I am at least not scared to drink a juice. That was a bad feeling. Also I can talk without pain too:) Yeah

Oh, when Valor helped me with my juicing he took one of my cucumbers and was chomping on it while I was trying to take a picture of the food..and I caught him in action:)

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