Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 63:)

Hello All~
Today and yesterday have been GREEAAT! I have tried to be ahead of my juicing..making enough to drink, and then some. And by doing that I haven't wasted any of my juices. I have drank them all and been satisfied.

I am halfway in to day 2 of the Parasite Cleanse and already wormies are escaping! I have passed at least 6 of them in a day and a half. I can tell already that I will get to the point of just flushing and not examining!! ~I do the whole gag thing when I see it. But I am happy that they are leaving me:)

Today I had another colonic. I guess this makes 4 so far, and each one gets better. Right off the back I got rid of a longer worm, but that seemed to be all of those that came out during the colonic. Sometimes things go by so quickly that you can't make it out. But other stuff came out.. like old doodey. ~Wow this post is pretty juvenile. I am sorry to share the poo with you.

My weight is the same.. so now I am hoping that at least by the time I'm done with the feast that I will be under 140. Either way..I have come a looong way. Physically and mentally.

Love to all..

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