Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 60

Good Evening~
I realized that who ever read my post from may be thinking that when I say I "ate" something..that I might have mislead you to think I gorged or pigged out, something like that. I did eat, or drink/chew..I had about 3 ounces of homemade spaghetti sauce. Which IS bad, surely not good, but I don't want to send the wrong idea. I felt so bad for hours, and am hoping I didn't ruin my post-feast appetite for tomato based sauces (yeah, I was pukey sick afterwards).

Anyhow, today I have done well. I drank 4-32 oz juices, and surely could have drank one more. (At least I think so mentally.) I had a couple of herbal teas and a little water today too, not as much water as I would have liked. Tomorrow is a new day. I am excited about trying to drink 5 juices! I would rather have more than enough and be satisfied than the opposite.

I'm feeling like I need to re-priorities and re-focus so I can make it successfully through the last 30+ days. I don't want to be a bad example for anyone, and I surely don't want to give up!! Tuesday we start the Parasite Cleanse and I am stoked about that! I guess I will write again tomorrow. Good night for now!


  1. Valora, what you're doing is amazing! Don't beat yourself up for having a few bites of something after 60 days of juicing. Please! I'm sorry you didn't feel so good, but I know when you come off the feast you have to start slowly with certain foods to re-activate your digestion back with solids, so that's probably why you felt so bad.
    Eating is the normal, God-given process by which we feed and sustain our bodies, and it's normal to want to satisfy that craving. Right now you're choosing to do it only with fresh juices, and you've only got 30 days to go, and you can do it. You've had some amazing success stories you've shared with us, and I know from K you look great. Keep up the good work, but please, don't beat yourself up with labels such as 'bad', etc., as again, what you're doing is very difficult if not impossible for most people, so of course you'll probably slip up once in a while, but that's normal, so just put it behind you and keep going. You're almost to your goal... think how great you'll feel. And no, please don't think you're letting anyone down, as you and D are both great inspirations for us all.

  2. Valora - please! You are doing something amazing, so don't beat yourself up for a little slip... sorry you felt sick afterward, but that's probably because your body is not used to anything but juice right now.

    Eating is a normal, God-given process to feed and sustain our bodies, so of course you will have cravings to 'eat' something. Right now you've chosen to just have raw juices as your food, and it's given you amazing results, but please don't feel as if you've somehow done something 'bad' by taking a few bites of something after only having juices for 60 days!

    You and D are doing great, so hang in there if you can and reach your goal, but please don't berate yourself for a small slip, when you're doing something that is very difficult if not impossible for most of us. I'd love to hear more of the positive effects you're getting from your juice 'feast'. Take care... :)