Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 59

Honesty check..
The past week has been REALLY HARD!! I have craved food like...I can't explain! And yesterday..I was making more tomato sauce..and gave in! Yes..I did:( I took a few bites and they were soooo yummy in my mouth..but I felt like dookey afterwards... Lesson learned..the hard way. I feel bad and guilty and all that.. So I won't be doing that again. So any encouragement you can give..give it. Two friends told me to not beat myself up for it and to reflect on all the positive changes and hurdles I've made it through so far. And too, tomorrow is Day 60 and that is HUGE! So be strong, I tell myself.

I have had a lot of juices the past few days, realizing that it could help my cravings.. I personally am NOT ready to come off this feast! And I don't want to come off it yet. So I need to be "good" :) So, I think I may need to make even one more a day so as to keep me filled. The more juice you drink the quicker your body heals anyway, so it is a win-win situation.

Of course I gained 2 lbs by messing with my body:( But that is my own fault. Not only did I physically feel like poo, mentally and now the gaining of weight. But that what life is about.. learning lessons. So sorry to have let anyone down. Here's to 30 more days of yummy juices!

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