Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 57~

Sorry it's been a few days. I had all sorts of cool stuff to say..but it's long forgotten. Left out in space where my other "awesome thoughts" have been left behind! Oh well..

The past few days I have been fighting with the urge to EAT SOMETHING!! But it could just be that I've been preparing a lot more foods. I cut up a ton of peaches and froze them, pulled up my garden and froze the beets and the beet greens, made 4 qts of pasta sauce and froze it, and I also cooked an awesome pasta dinner for my children a few days ago..and that DIDN'T help the cause. I talked to Dottie and she is feeling the same way. So we are trying to tough it out together. You know what we need?? To spend the night together.. Make some juices, and just relax! Too bad we can't spike it!! -It has been almost 2 months without a single sip of wine (or alcohol for that matter).. Which would be no biggie, but you know what it is like when you're told you CAN'T have something..yeah, it makes you think about it and want it MORE. Which really I haven't thought about it much, but when I do think of it, it is with sighing.. ahh...

OH!! Tonight my hubby made himself some dinner. Very amazing!! Since you will see the picture before you read this..I'll go ahead and mention.. He made a smoothie, this is the 3rd Smoothie he has made (and on his own) and dispite the color, it was totally yummy (yes, I took a teeny tiny sip..he's so excited for me to taste them..he even woke me the other day at 5:45 to taste his 2nd one). But after hearing the blender about die on him..I think we're even closer to buying a Blend-Tec:) I told him if I ordered it now, it would be here in time for our other one to die!! And if it doesn't break I might just help it along:) haha Anyway, How About His Dinner?? Very impressive! I was soo tickled at him. He passed up the ready made pizza and put forth much effort to make and drink this. It was made with spinach, water (of course), rainbow chard, frozen strawberries, 1 peach, and an apple (unfortunately 1 tbs of raw sugar too). But I have to say that he's come a long way. He's used to getting 2-3 plate FULLS of dinner, whatever it may be. And if he's cooking, it would be greasy, white flour, white sugar with eggs and cheese and probably fried. So yeah, he's come a long way:) That's why I am proud of him and wanted to post a picture of his dinner:) ~okay, I posted the picture and it is coming out sideways.. I'm going to leave it for now, so you're going to have to turn your head to see it right:) lol, sorry, but it is the best I can do..

So how are you doing?? Are you feeling good? I hope so! If not..would you consider doing a two week juice feast? Or even add in one juice (or smoothie) a day for two weeks? Please let me know. My neighbor has been doing smoothies 2x a day and then vegetarian for dinner (she's been vegetarian for years). Maybe that is something you could do. Oh, and she's been doing that (smoothies) now for 2-3 weeks and has lost 14 lbs and a few sizes in clothes! Don't you want those kind of results?? Of course you do:)

Well I guess I will go for now. Holding out at 149 for now:) YAY!! Have a great night! Or as David Wolfe says, have the Best Night Ever!!

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