Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Almost Done Breaking the Juice Feast

Sorry it's been a few days. I have been doing a lot of "things" as well as reading over many, many Raw Recipes, stocking the fridge, etc..

Also, Dottie gave me a photo of her pre-feasting and I am soon to get it on the computer. The hold up is me getting a picture taken of myself now. Wow, I have some horrid pics of me "before". And yes..you will get to see them:) Yeah for you, boo for me. I just want you to see me not-prepared-for-the-picture-to-be-taken-so-I-can-pose-and-suck-in... You know what I'm talking about! Anyhow, it's coming. I look like I am wearing a fat suit!

Personally I would feel great if I had 20 more pounds off of me. I would feel completely super about myself. But I am enjoying feeling good about where I have come from where I had been. I caught a glimpse of myself in this one particular reflective window tonight that I am always so deathly afraid to walk by..and to tell you, I was quite pleased with the reflection I saw staring back at me. Plus too my husband has been more romantic-ish with me the past week and I really like that. Making me feel special and all. Now I am not saying that he is all concerned about my weight..but truly, if I could pick someone being 50 pounds overweight as compared to 20 over, I'll pick the 20! :) Also too, I surely am more pleasant to be around now that I am feeling more comfortable in my skin.

I'm off to bed..it is late. Just wanted to say hello. Pictures are coming soon. I'm hoping tomorrow evening I can have some computer time..I had to steal this time tonight. Also too, I will be posting pictures of the things I make:) Other than today because it's already been ate. It was a hit with the family. I made Perfect Guacamole (from Idiots guide to Raw) and also Pico. I chopped up some romaine and a little spinach this evening and topped it with Pico and then Guac as the dressing, mixed it up and YuMmY!.! But you all know what that all looks like, so I'll spare you a picture this once:)

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