Monday, August 3, 2009

Time for Detox!

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about detox so I thought I would put together some info I have been going over. It never fails, someone will start to make good diet changes such as not eating meat, drinking green smoothies, or eating more raw and they will start to get sick. So then I get the question every time, "Why do I feel worse when I've been eating better?"

Some of the symptoms are usually general fatigue, headache, rashes, acne, joint pain, lack of appetite, nausea, etc. and these are all at varying degrees. So the answer is, yes, you are going through detox of some kind. You will feel worse for a while, this can last anywhere from a few days to six months depending on how damaged or toxic your body was to begin with.

It's interesting how people can eat poorly and abuse their body for 10, 20, 40 years and then be irritated at a short time of detox symptoms and think it's not worth it! That is why most people start to eat healthy and then when their body finally starts to kick in and clean house they wrongly assume it's the healthy food making them sick! Hello! Are you kidding me? It's all the old meat, processed foods, rancid oils, chemicals, fat, pesticides, caffeine, sugars, aspartame, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, dairy, heavy metals, and anything else fake you have eaten or smeared on your body for years finally getting cleared out and you want to stop?!

Another common question is "Why aren't I losing more weight?". When you first start eating healthy, and for some that means the first raw vegetables your body has had in years if not ever, your body has bigger things to worry about than your weight. When you finally give your body the tools (real food) it needs to correct some problems it has been ignoring for years it goes straight to work. Sometimes this means cleaning out the liver, attacking some underlying disease, or any other serious health problem you might not even know about. So when you have these detox symptoms making you uncomfortable, just think, your body might be ridding itself of cancer you didn't even know you had. So better for it to come out this way then the alternative. On my next post I'll go more into what you can do about these symptoms and what to expect.

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