Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stopped Juicing :(

Just kidding!
Seeing whose paying attention.. Sorry I haven't been on here in a week. I've been in a bit of melancholy.. I haven't researched much into it now that I am actually going thru it, but I knew I would go thru a funk at some point. They say you bring back out emotions that have been stored in cells. That's likely what is going on with me.
I guess it doesn't get more personal then discussing my parasites with you..So here goes my other personal stuff.. When I was 14 I started getting depressed (effects of Satan's system) and I went into an emotional downward spiral over the next 3 years, and was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance (not so bad compared to most). Several suicide attempts, drugs and mental hospitals later..they decided, when I was 17, to administer ECT (electro convulsive -shock- therapy). It gets better, really: The good news is that since then I have not been on any medications and yet visited a few therapists (years ago) for "check-ups" to make sure that they thought I was "handling life" well (coping skills, etc..). So all is well on that part. Not to say my life has been peachy, by any stretch of the imagination, since then..but I am saying that I have done "well". Especially after learning the truth:)!!
But my long winded point is that I expected to deal with some depression like feelings during this juice feasting. And I guess it has finally hit. It's hard to say. The emotions are so "real" -just like PMS time for any of you ladies who knows what I mean- that it can be deceiving. The down side is my husband has NO clue how to be supportive:( Fortunately I have friends to help keep me motivated (they won't quite calling me;) Haha It's just hard because depression or regression if what I call it, is something you have to tackle and get thru on your own. There's no real fix..just simply "get over it"! Since I have no current issues going on that's triggered it, it's different, just to have to keep going thru the daily routine till it passes.. and it will pass:)
So now that you think I am a raging lunatic..
The past three days have been great, Juice wise. I have taken in 3 to 4 juices daily (32oz each) and feeling GRREATT in that aspect. I have drank a lot of water with MSM and am feeling good about that too. So by being regular with my juicing and supplements I feel like I have not "cheating":) See I had gotten lazy and slowed down on my juice intake and then this feeling under the weather had set in. But that's getting straightened out.
I am on day 46!! Can I get an applause:) So that does make me feel good that I have continued with such self control for so many days. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and 1 day to break it. So by staying faithful to myself and this feast I have kicked my cravings/food addictions. So when I stop juicing (all day/every day) I will be at square one with eating. I am fully aware of foods that harm or heal my body and the ball is in my court as to how I will treat my body. Will I be abusive or love myself. It's that simple.
OH!! Yesterday our car group of lovely ladies was out in Jackson Co., and there is a sister out there whose husband has RAW HONEY!! See while juice feasting that's the ONLY thing we can "eat" and up to 2 tbs a day. So our excitement could hardly be contained!! Between the 4 of us we bought 6 quarts of it:)
Another thing before I end this book. My weight really hasn't budged..I am now 152. But thru this feasting I have lost a total of 24 lbs so that is an average of .5 lbs a day. So I can't complain!! don't go throwing your shoe at the computer..but last weekend I was HORRIBLE!! I nibbled on a raw corn on the cob (yes I sucked the juice out and spit out the kernels) but it was NOT conducive to me losing weight! Plus I surely confused/tricked my body, which was really bad, as well as corn serves as NO nutritional value.. So I know, I know, bad girl!! It WILL NOT happen again! Oh, and Kendra does NOT know about this so please...shhhh about it, okay:)

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