Friday, August 28, 2009

Marti's off the juice... for now :(

So I'm back to smoothies until I get my Champion juicer. Yesterday I figured out that my POS juicer was not really doing a good job on the greens, and it was basically chewing them up, giving me a trickle of green juice, and wasting the rest of the leaves. It does a good job on carrots and apples, but otherwise, not so good.

What this means is that I was getting all of the sugar from the fruit juices, but not enough of the green to balance it out, and a couple of times I felt like I was gonna pass out. Sorry, but I can't deal with passing out to stay on juices. But I've heard from Valora that the Champion juicer does a much better job on greens, so I'm excited to see how it does.

And I got some good advice from the guy at Nash's Farm Store yesterday. He has done juice fasts and water fasts for years, and he said you really have to listen to your body and figure out what works. You will know when it's time to stop juicing/fasting, whatever... I know he was fasting and not 'feasting' like Valora and Dottie, but I got the point. Anything you do for or to your body needs to be a positive thing or have positive effects. If you get to a point where something is not working the way it should, then you need to stop doing that and do something else.

It's not an 'all or nothing' proposition - this is your body, your life, so you need to be aware of everything you're doing and the potential impact it has on your being. I'm not talking about a little 'discomfort' while detoxing - I get it, that's what happens - but if you feel that something's not right, don't do it.

Yes, I feel kinda lame about not continuing the juicing right now, but I'm doing what I feel is best for me. That's what we all need to do - not everything works for everyone the same way, but something will work for you... you just need to figure out what it is. And I believe balance is the key in all of this as well.

I'm really happy doing smoothies and eating as much raw and organic food as I can, and I know that's a huge improvement over what I've been doing for the last 35 years on my own. And fresh juice will be a part of that again soon!

I'm really happy that V and D have the juicing figured out, and it's working so well for them. Carry on, ladies!

That's all I have to say about that, for now...

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  1. Hey Marti!I'm glad to hear that you backed off for a minute from juicing. When the body is wierd like that, then yeah, take 'er easy:) Also, know that when you start back juicing, Angela Stokes mentions that some people get light headed when they stand up or raise up. So she recommends getting up slowly, standing up (or whatever) and take a deep breath, then continue. It sounds like that wasn't your issue, but when I read your post it reminded me of what she said.
    My champion does a decent job juicing the greens, just know that greens themselves does not produce a lot of juice. But it is so strong/potent that it does effect the flavor and color of the juice. If you'd like, try using coconut water with the greens (stick a little green in, pour a little -1oz- of coconut water). See if you like it like that. I no longer use the coconut water like I did in the beginning.
    Like I said, the greens don't make a lot of juice, so I use high water veggies like cucumbers, zuccinni,celery, etc to bulk it up. Really read over website before you get back started. Their recommendations are very helpful.
    I guess I'll let you do something other than read this lengthy comment:) so I will talk to you later! Keep up the great work with the smoothies and raw foods! I'm trying not to be jealous of the smoothies;) I am sooo excited about doing smoothies again!!