Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marti's Amazing Vegan ZUPICA Muffins

So I made the muffins this morning, and I've named them ZUPICA for zucchini, pineapple and carrot... I know, really original.

Anyway, they actually came out pretty good, and I added some extra goodies like ground flax seeds and ground cloves.
First, here's the pictures:
This is the batter in the big muffin pan - you'll notice the chunks of fruit and veggies.
This is the muffins baked... not really fluffy because they are so dense.

And now... the inside view. See all the yellow chunks of pineapple?

The recipe will be my next post... later today. The muffins are really good and really filling, so I'm gonna get a mini-muffin pan for smaller portion sizes. I did eat the whole thing for breakfast and it was fabulous! And I am stuffed!

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