Saturday, August 1, 2009

Juicy Day 24

Great Evening All~
I wanted to take a minute and post some pics from dinner tonight.. I had bok choy, endive, celery, parsley and coconut water (of course juiced:) oh..with a little kelp. But my husband made his first vegan meal! WOOHOO! Granted it wasn't 100% enjoyed by our children..but they know we are in a major food transitional stage in our lives and that they are going to have to bare with us..good meals and bad ones alike. For the most part they enjoyed it. For dinner he made Portabella Mushrooms Sandwiches with Vegan Mozzarella Cheese, Vegan Cole Slaw (with cranberries, apples, dash of cinnamon) and homegrown green beans. All in all it went well.

For me today..I was late getting up (late to bed last night) and so I made the Master Cleanse. It got me through the day..that and my alkaline water. Then this evening for dinner I sat at the table with my family and drank my green-goo-girl-drink (as my husband called it:) and now I am sipping on some honeydew (without the apple this is soooo tasty).

I went down another pound..but also it's "that time of the month" so I'm thinking my weight won't go down much, if any, the next few days.. But oh well..I will look forward to making it through the next few days and losing some more inches hopefully. I will take measurements tomorrow evening.

Oh..I am sure you have noticed I haven't done a walk through of a mini juice feast..but that is because no one has said they will join me yet on this journey.. So if I get a chance I will post it anyway to have something to refer to you if and when you are ready to join me:)

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  1. Great job little vegan-ish family! Go Chris!