Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm in on the juicing!

After watching and hearing the amazing success stories of Valora and Dottie, and much contemplation about juicing, I started juicing this morning. I just woke up and decided to go for it, so I'm a half day in already, and so far, so good. I'm committed for 10 days, and will re-evaluate at that time, if I want to continue or not. Either way, it will give my body a break from solids and start cleaning out the junk.

I have an older Juiceman Junior centrifugal juicer, which works, but is not the greatest, but it will work until I get my new Champion Commerical juicer that I ordered from vitaGlo.com. I actually called Champion direct, and they told me I could order it for less from vitaGlo.com, and they drop ship. I got mine for $219.00 and free shipping. So it's on it's way...

In the mean time, I'll be needing all of your good wishes and support as I start on my juice journey. I will post the changes, etc., but I'm no Valora - you will not see my measurements and photos just yet. Maybe in the future!

I'm out of veggies, so I'm heading to Sunny Farms... keep juicing ladies!

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  1. WOW!! Awesome to hear! Contact me at any time you want encouragement or whatever! I am so glad you are juicing, and I am hoping by the time you get closer to the 10 days you will want to go 10 more:) The most significant changes happen in 2 wks to 30 days! Either way, I applaud you for taking on even 1 day of juicing!! Congrats on the Champion! You won't be disappointed!!