Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Made It To Day 50!!

YAY!! Go ME:) Haha.. I'm my own cheerleader today:) Which is better than I have felt about myself the last week.. :( Anyhow..Today has been "bery bery interesting".. (yes the "b" is on purpose)

Must you continue reading?? There is a PG-13 warning for the squeamish.
Okay..I don't know if it's simply the juicing or if it's all the ginger tea (fresh ginger boiled in water, then chilled) I have been drinking the past 2-3 days.. Either way, I have discarded some CRAZY looking stuff in the toilet.. I would have taken a is still that time of the month.. was at least a foot long, about 3" around and looked like a long vertebrate. It wasn't black though.. Anyhow, about an hour ago..more came out..then more.. But the last two BM's weren't as compacted as the one this morning. Okay, okay, I know..TMI!! But hey, I gave you the chance to not proceed reading this:) At least you don't have to live with the mental picture!! So..if you are still eating meat.. I hope I have scared you:) If not..I WILL post pictures;)

Well my juicing has gone great! I have really been enjoying the ginger water/tea. It has been a real treat! A few days ago I started sprouting some mung beans and alfalfa and today I put them in my green juice. I was excited about drinking them, with all their extra nutrients, after the head issue I had last night (and woke up with this morning). At this point I am feeling better compared.

OH!! I love your post Kendra! It can be soooooooo frusterating!! Watching our friends who we care about and love so much..hurt themselves and out of the other side of their mouth they are complaining about how they feel..and/or asking what they could do to help themselves.. It's strange.. I know. You really do well putting up with all of us! Haha

Marti.. I understand what you went through. It can be daunting committing to even several days of solely juicing. It is a mind over matter issue, definitely. Your body actually DOES NOT want you getting the toxins out!! So it's going to do everything in it's power to try to get you NOT to clean it. But don't listen to it!! How many times has it told you to put junk in your mouth?? Yeah..don't listen to it!! You can do it!! Keep focused on all the LITTLE things that are changing. It really has helped me to write down, at the beginning, all the things I noticed about my body that aren't "normal". Like not enough BM's a day, eye sight getting poor, back ache, low adrenals...whatever.. Every little thing you can think of. And daily, watch as these things improve. Pull out your list each day and see what has changed, or other ailments you forgot to list, jot them down. I will post more later, I hope. This evening is about to get really busy. I love you! I applaud you and every bit of effort you have put forth and will put forth to make your juice feast a success! You CAN do it:)


  1. Wow, Valora! Congrats on making it to 50! That's a HUGE DEAUL. Thanks for the vote of confidence and the revealing, graphic description of your latest 'movements'. Interesting about the ginger tea. I will have to check it out. See ya!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement!!