Monday, August 3, 2009

Got My Vitamin D Today

And it wasn't thru cooked, puss filled, cow udder... Good ole sunshine. What a beautiful thing. Today was nice...we knocked out the house cleaning then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the pool. My children loved it.

Today was watermelon juice, straight carrot juice and lots of water:) of course with some supplements. My husband brought yummy vegan food to work today.. He works 12 hours and gets 4 breaks. He eats 3 of them (I know..but he's working on one thing at a time). He had a veggie wrap and an apple his 2nd break, a cup of cole slaw (leftovers) the 3rd break, and a wrap and an apple his last break.

I guess this is the end of the post for me.. Lot's still to do this evening! Wasn't that a WONDERFUL post on Detox Kendra posted?!!

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