Monday, August 3, 2009

Going down? My cholesterol is!

I almost forgot to update you on my cholesterol test last week. My cholesterol has been a little high the last couple of years. When I first had it checked in 2007 it was 245.

In February, 2009 it was down to 222 - better, but still not so good. In April, 2009, I basically became vegetarian, and have had maybe a couple of BITES of solid meat since that time, scrambled eggs once, and a little cheese, but nothing compared to what I used to eat. Watch the 'Foods that Kill' video series, Parts 1-6, and you'll see what changed my mind. (See the link on the left.)

I had my cholesterol checked last Saturday at Costco for free (I couldn't resist 'free', plus I was curious about how I was doing), and it was down to 209 (anything under 200 is good... I'm getting there!). My HDL is 81 (over 60 is good), my LDL is 100 (less than 130 is good), and my triglycerides are 140 (less than 150 is good). This is a huge improvement from February! Wow, it works!

Also, my doctor told me about Red Yeast Rice pills, which is a natural statin, similar to the drug Lipitor, and I've been taking that off and on for a few months, so that may also be a factor in my cholesterol going lower. You can get these at a health food store.

So what does this all mean? My risk of heart disease is drastically below normal for women, and that's a great thing. Remember, dietary cholesterol is almost 100% from animal products: meat, eggs and dairy. And no, chicken and fish are not 'better' for you - the fat is in the flesh, even on lean and skinless portions.

Do your research. Read The China Study - no joke, the research shows how a plant based diet can prevent and reverse heart disease, cancer, auto-immune diseases, diabetes and more.

You truly are what you eat... Educate yourself... Don't trust the ads on TV...

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