Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feasting Day 25

Was: Now:
Weight: 176 ~161
Calves: 15 3/4 ~15 1/2
High Thigh: 26 1/2 ~26
Hips: 43 1/2 ~42
Belly: 40 3/4 ~39 1/2
Waist: 37 1/2 ~36 1/2
Stomach: 34 3/4 ~33 1/2
Arm: 11 3/4 ~11 1/2
Bust: 40 1/2 ~40 far.. weight loss is 15 lbs. And all together I have lost 12 1/2"..of which I have measured, correctly-ish. My arms and legs aren't moving much..but then again I have not been exercising. Though as you can see a lot of weight from my torso area has vanished. Which is awesome, of course! I did get my mini trampoline replaced..and I plan on using it in the morning.

Unfortunately a bomb blew up in my home this past week and so I will be tending that before my priorities get re-aligned.. I hate how a house does that to you..and I get somewhat depressive when it is in such disorder. ( house is extremely TINY.)

Enough whining..Now to set curiosity straight if anyone noticed.. know how I got a new scale about a week into feasting?? Well..I originally weighed myself on Kendra's scale..and I was at 174.5 when I started this.. Then when I got my new scale, it was 2 lbs off (in the not good direction:).. So I decided I will quite driving Kendra crazy (every time I go by her house I weigh myself on her scale..which obviously shows I've lost more than my scale shows) so I have adjusted my original weight on here..up 2 lbs to truly reflect where I started, and then where I am currently when I weigh.. Hope that makes some kind of sense..

My husband made a Vegan Stir Fry for dinner tonight (vegan meal #2). All but one of my children liked it, the other thought it was too spicy..but my other two ate it with no problem..and of course my hubby liked it. So Yay! Also, he made his own vegan veggie wrap (vegan meal #3) to take to lunch tomorrow! That was a first..and really helped me out! Ending this post abruptly..I think everyone realizes by now that I could go on and on and on..

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