Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 54 Juicing it Up:)

Hello Cyber Friends.
Today has been like any other day..More juicing and running around the house cleaning and doing this-and-that. I made another 10 oz of grapes with 1 apple (totally yummy and REALLY sweet). Then I had another no-no drink (too much fruits in a day..surely) -grapefruit, oranges, pineapple, lemon.. Then for dinner I had a V8 like concoction. Now I am sipping on my ginger water:) yum.

I weighed in at 150 today. So I am hoping in the next day or two that I will be in the 140's!! Wahoo!! Oh..about walking this morning..Yeah..I was a bad girl. I didn't do it. But Dottie and our friend (hope she doesn't mind being mentioned on here) Heather walked today. Tomorrow I WILL be joining them.

Day 60 is right around the corner!! That is when we start the actual parasite cleanse. I am soo excited! I can't/can wait to see what comes out of me.. Actually, I am going to wait to start the cleanse until my day 62 so Dottie and I can finish out our juice feast together. Let's here it for Dottie!! She has done so well Juice Feasting! She started out thinking she'd go the first 30 days and see where it took her.. When that came to an end she decided to go longer..and look at her now, rounding the 60 day mark and making a mad dash to day 90!! Even while cooking meals for her husband and extended family and for social gatherings..even while going out to eat with friends and through a weekend out of town at the convention. What will power! Even through extreme detoxing!! Wow. Go Dottie, go Dottie, go go go Dottie!! She has really been an encouragement to a lot of the friends in the congregation that are trying to embark into a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Especially as they have watched her transform into a new woman in less than 2 months. Keep it up Dottie:) Love ya Sis!!

Oh..and about that watermelon Chris mom gave us.. Unfortunately it was overripe. I stuck a big knife in it, it made a tooting noise (air escaping) and then it stank like a nasty, 7 day old toot. It was awful!! Then it started leaking juice out everywhere!! I was running late Sunday morning when I tried to juice I thought, hey, I can quickly cut this up and juice it and have 32 oz in less then 5 minutes.. WRONG!! I had a HUGE mess to clean up and NO juice:( When I tried to move the watermelon to get it out the back door it continued to pour juice out all over the kitchen.. Okay..I know.. enough pouting. So I took a carrot and an apple with me that morning (along with a Ziploc bag and a napkin). I'll let you imagine the rest..

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