Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 53

Today my husband did something unexpected! At lunch time he made his first smoothie ever. Without any prompting!! The only thing is, is that when I made ours (months ago, now) I used stevia extract with a teaspoon of vanilla, if it tasted too green. Well Chris made it without either and thought it was a little too green for him, but nonetheless he is drinking it. So until he gets used to the veggies in a cup idea, I will get him some stuff to sweeten it a little.

Today my children and I went to the movies:) We had a great time. Though while the movie was playing I HAD to go to the restroom.. -We all know where this post is heading... right down the toilet:) Anyhow..yeah, two more visible wormies and a lot of junk! And more junk, and more junk. I am so curious as to what is going on IN my body... too bad I am not see through. Haha
I just wish I knew HOW cleaned out, or not, I am.

I know I haven't posted measurements in a while, but things are moving so slowly now that to me personally, it doesn't matter. I just hope to lose another 20 lbs by the time I am done juicing. We'll see.

Tomorrow Dottie, myself and a friend of ours are going for a walk after the kids get off to school. Kendra may join us. This will be the first real exercise I have done since I started juicing. Kind of exciting.. I'm just really lazy when it comes to exercising:( So fortunately I have my friends to encourage me:)

My juicing has gone good today. I have noticed that in the past week I get a little hungry later in the day when I drink just 3 I think I need to be drinking at least 4- 32oz drinks.. I forgot to weigh myself this I don't know if I have lost any more. So for now I have lost 25 lbs. YAY:) My energy and emotions has elevated a little the past few days, so that is great:)

Until we meet again..

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