Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 51 and counting..

Today has been a good day ( and all). I had my third colonic and it went well. This time I passed reddish/brownish stuff.. I feel amazing!! Finally. Because the first one I felt noxious afterwards, my second..I don't know..but this one.. This was the ONE:)

I went to make drinks this morning and was scraping from the "bottom of the barrel" so to speak. I didn't realize how much food I didn't have! I was only able to make about 45 oz of juice today.. So I HAD to go to Whole Foods this afternoon.

Soon I'm going to figure up about how much I spend on my juicing and post it. Oh, I am sooo excited.. On day 60 we (Dottie and I) get to start our Parasite Cleanse (Parastroy from Vitaglo- $11-13). Yipee!! Time to rid myself of the colony. YUCK!! Haha

Well I guess I'm done for now. Have a great night!!

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