Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 49:)

Today was an interesting day to say the least..
Anyhow, juicing went good. I thought I would "treat" myself to an abridged version of the "Beauty Cleanse" (cellulite flush) but I got "tricked" instead.. I bought my fruits at Wal-mart and am now suffering with a headache:( It was so foreign going in there last night to buy fruits (that wasn't my agenda..I got sidetracked)..we have been getting our produce at Whole Foods and Meijer's since Feasting.. I thought it wouldn't be a biggie to get non-organic, but I should have recalled the youtube videos I watched at the beginning of this feast where people bought non-o to "save money".. Yeah, totally not worth it. And truly, you get a much better deal at Whole Foods.
I digress.. How About Marti?? Wahoo!! Keep up the great work! I'm thrilled to hear your husband likes the juices. I agree, I will still be juicing after this feast. At least breakfast, then probably a smoothie for lunch and a meal (raw) for dinner with the family:) My husband is "considering" buying a Blend-Tec.. A girl can dream can't she? :)

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  1. tell Chris he can test drive our Blendtec before he commits (it's ok - once he tries Jaws he will be hooked)!