Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 48 Juicing

Another day under the belt:) Haha
Today has been again..melancholy. Not bad though. I did a lot of things that I have on my lengthy to-do list..so that's moving slowly but surely. I stayed faithful on my juices but not so good on water. I HAVE to get more water tomorrow or I will wither up and die:(
My weight hasn't changed, but it is now THAT time of the month..plus my body may be using my energy to deal with the whole emotional thing.. you know.. So here I sit, a 24 lb lighter women:) no belly jig when I walk.. PRICELESS!! Though I am not where I want to be, it's a great start. We'll see where the next 52 days takes my body and mind.
So how about Marti?!! Encouragement is always needed, also too the amazing personal benefits that come from such an intense healing. Again, priceless. Please keep me updated as to what you are experiencing. Bottoms up! :)

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