Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 34 Juice Feasting

We're rounding the corner to day 40! Exiting.. I guess a mini goal could be day 50..half way thru juicing.. (the feast is 92 days but it takes 8 days to break it) Today I didn't make a juice. I do very much so enjoy drinking lots of water and a little tea. Tomorrow my intentions are to have lots of carrot and spinach juice.. Probably some watermelon too. I really enjoy the feeling of just drinking water. It makes me feel good and in even more control of myself. Also, I'm getting more familiar with my body, it's different signals..

I'm still detoxing thru the backs of my arms..and even some more break outs on my face..Even a few that are deep, big and hard..YUCK!! I know..but nonetheless..the truth. It's what I am going thru. I have the appointment now to go to the colon hydrotherapist tomorrow evening at 5.. I'll let you know how it goes. But in reflecting on what I am doing..healing and detoxing..I am again reminded of how thoroughly I have polluted myself. But now, I am finally aware..and am "cleaning up" the mess I have made.. So the realization is..WHY would I EVER dirty MYSELF up again?!! It makes no sense. It reminds me of INSANITY! Doing the same things over and over again yet expecting a different result. So the point is.. After I spend all my efforts in the clean up, stick with what is going to keep me "clean". Meat and cheese have NO BUSINESS in my body..But really..what else doesn't? That's where good research comes in. The famous adage.. You Are What You Eat comes to mind. So if I put junk..or nutrient deficient foods in (and I admittedly have an addictive personality) that is what I will be..junk/nutrient deficient. Not Good!!

Anyway..I am so amazed at how far this has gone..Not that I had doubts that I would do it, just that I am already to this point. I hope my revelations continue on how to get "cleaner" and healthier and how to stay that way. This is where WonderWoman comes in. A.K.A. Kendra:)

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