Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 31~ Stone Breaker

Last night, Dottie and I, and our husbands went out for dinner and a movie. In Lexington, Ky I found a restaurant online called Alfalfa. Our husbands ate WELL and we watched:) We had Chai Tea (chilled) and it was ROCKIN'! The lady was soo nice who waited on us and even gave Dottie and I one free chai tea. She was interested in what we are doing and so we encouraged her to check out The atmosphere was really relaxed and peaceful with several great food choices for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores. Dottie and I decided that once we have broken our juice feasting that we would like to go back there and eat. So big thumbs up for Alfalfa Restaurant!! By the way..our husbands LOVED IT, and ate meatless:)

Today I started the herbal extract called Stone means I have completed 30 days. YAY!! Last night I asked Dottie if she will go the full 92 days with me..remember, she was going month-by-month and recently decided to go at least one more month, past the first 30 (which is tomorrow for her:)..but yesterday she said she is thinking of going the full 92!! So exciting and encouraging for me!

Okay..the moment you have been waiting for.. I have some new pics for you..We took them two days ago..but not much has changed.. I have dropped .8lbs..:) since the last time I wrote..nothing significant. However!! Last night at "dinner" I did lose two more wormies..NASTY!! I know! But two less..countless to go?? Don't worry..I didn't bring it up at dinner..I didn't even tell my husband til hours later when I knew his food would be digested! :)

Don't ask me what I am doing with my arm in the front shot..?? Sorry the pics are blurry..we were in a hurry.. Do you see I am losing my butt?? Haha

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