Thursday, August 6, 2009

Colonics Anyone??

Tomorrow is day 30! WaHoo!! I know I have many more days left in me:) but it is a mini feat to be an hour and a half away from day 30. It is really invigorating to take such control of myself, my life, my eating habits, my body and mind!

Today has been a most wonderful day..Especially being with friends all day:) I haven't lost any more weight but am not worried about that..tho to ALL of us it's nice to watch the scale go down!!

I have some REALLY embarrassing pictures to post of myself from this past June, however they are MIA right now..and NO I didn't hide them..tho I'd love to BURN THEM!! I cannot believe I am going to post them. Humiliating..but I am willing to do it for the sake of embarrassing myself to the point of NO RETURN!!

Today we made a quick dash to the bathroom..I had to relieve the cascara sagrada out of my system, and so we made a dive into McDonald's. I know..bad choice..not that there is ANY temptations there for me..but...affirmations!! Actually, it might be a good idea to grace fast food joints once a week to see why I am making healthy changes! Enough said.. All I can think of is a line from the movie Eating (I believe) is "it's not their fat". It is the animals fat they are eating/have eaten.. And not only that, but we have trained ourselves to think that radiated, bacteria filled, feces (a.k.a. meat) tastes GOOD!? Bleh. Then we cook it and think were getting some kind of nutrients (protein) out of it?? Hmm..nope..but I digress..

Anyway.. I'm feeling good. Looking forward to walking now and rebounding.. Putting more effort into helping my body lose more animal fat, now that I am through a chunk of the healing phase. Oh..I about forgot!! Colonic time! Dottie and I and one other friend..who might not appreciate me saying her name..are going next week to do a colonic! Or two or three. :) Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch highly recommend it. Actually HIGHLY recommends it. So if you are feasting or wanting to feast..plan on doing a colonics at some point during the feasting.. Enough about that for now:) Hopefully more on it another time. Goodnight all.. Until we meet again in cyberspace..

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