Wednesday, July 22, 2009

YAY Day 14:) we're in this for 14 days so far (the "we" is me and whoever is reading this:)..

I'm surprised I am even typing in because it is nearly 1 o'clock in the morning of day 15.. I just finished up preparing un-cooked meals for my family for this weekend. We are taking tofuna sandwiches (Idiots guide to Vegan cooking) and wraps with tofuni? cream cheese and a bunch of yummy veggies to go in it (also from ..Vegan cooking book..yet those two recipies don't call for cooking). Also I made almond joy (from GreenSmoothieGirl..coconut oil and flakes, agave {or maple syrup or honey}, and almond slivers). I also made The Best Ever Guacamole~that's the name of it:). Then I made 5 qts of juice.. 2 are simply for me and one for my children to share.. They love it and it's the only way I can keep them from drinking mine:) ~which I am not complaining because that is a GREAT problem to have! Oh, and my oldest made a chocolate mousse with tofu.. Okay..I know it sounds like we are HUGE tofu/soy eaters.. but we aren't.. Right now it is a transition food for our family (well..children and husband) and also the stuff I made that called for tofu will last a few days made up.. So it's a win win situation..

Today I have felt great! I did not have a slight headache, nor did I need a nap.. Okay..I wanted it..but I did not take one. Too busy.. You know how that goes. My weight is at 166 today.. We'll see after the weekend..I'm excited about weighing in Monday morning and also taking my measurements. Yay!

Oh..what I am doing for the weekend... Let me tell you. Tonight, like I said, I made a bunch of juices.. That is for tomorrow.. the trip.. Then after that I am definitely doing the Cellulite Flush/Cleanse in David Wolfe's "Eating for Beauty". Which consists of drinking nothing but Pink Grapefruit (3), Medium Orange (1), Medium Lemon (1), and Guava (or Pineapple-which is all I can find within a 100 mile radius of me)..per drink. Exciting. I made sure to pack my dry brush as I will be trying to peel every last bit of cellulite off my backside!! :)

I'm really excited! This is our first time being around a lot of people with different eating styles.. and I made sure to bring lots of extras so we can share with anyone saying "what is that" or "does that taste good".. Especially with the treats..that always gets peoples attention.. Especially if you tell them it's chocolate this or that.

I'll let you know how it goes! Other than the "you're just drinking juices" part of the trip..It's going to be the Best Weekend Ever!

One quick thing.. You may be wondering how I handled preparing all that yummy food and if I was feeling deprived or left out or dying to taste it?? I didn't. Suprisingly.. Other than attempting to like my finger from the wrap concoction I did fine. I truly believe getting educated on what you are doing, understanding the benefits, knowing where you were heading with the SAD diet, and knowing the road you are on now (even if tempted with REAL FOOD) just know you have to stay focused. Finish what you started. Don't give in to momentary satisfaction and lose what you accomplishments/progress you have made. Think of the end result and don't detour from all that it takes to make it. Prove to yourself you are in control.

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