Thursday, July 30, 2009

Willy the Worm

Yes..I just went there..and it's going to get worse. The rating for this post is R! So proceed with caution..

Today has been very interesting..nonetheless.. Of course with this healing/cleansing feasting I am doing there will be a ridding of unwanted pests from inside of me.. And today happened to be the day I turned back and looked in the toilet.. Again..proceed with caution..

To my SURPRISE!! (I am not starting an actual parasite cleanse until day 60) there was about a 6" worm that laid lifeless in the toilet.. Of course I examined it for a few minutes..At first I thought it might be mucoid plaque.. Then I swooshed the water (I know..TMI!) and was a worm. It was a brownish color..and about the width of a pencil..maybe a hair smaller.. And yes..I am thoroughly grossed out! And this is just day 22.. So..if that came out..I wonder what's still inside.. Anyhow..Kendra got me some DE a while back (Diatomaceous Earth) and so I WILL be taking that again soon.

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  1. EXTRA DISGUSTING... yet fascinating at the same time.