Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why it matters

I often get accused of being obsessed with food, caring too much about what other people around me are eating. That's probably true, and anyone who has been stuck with me in the car group knows we're going to be talking about food at some point. So while I do spend a lot of time reading about food and talking to everyone unfortunate enough to be near me about the benefits of eating healthy, I think I have good reasons.
And isn't everyone obsessed with food to some degree? Don't we often judge if a vacation is enjoyed or not by how many good meals we did or did not have? Don't we all have fond memories of good meals or favorite desserts?
Whether we like it our not, we are all who we are to some extent by our food. You are what you eat, period. When I look around at our friends and congregation, the results of their eating habits are obvious. Everyone is affected every minute of the day by what they put in their mouth. And it is difficult to watch both friends and family suffering from some very preventable health issues. Not that I have all the answers, but isn't someone being overweight a bag full of problems on it's own. Now throw in the back pain, knee trouble, high blood pressure, allergies, diabetes, depression, fatigue, skin issues, cancer, heart disease, and I could go on and on.
Then on the flip side I am so happy about the health problems that both Keith and I have seen disappearing. We both have lost weight, our skin is better, most of my life long allergies are gone, we can finally sleep all night, my weird restless leg thing is gone, my hair got better (and darker - weird), our nails grow non-stop, and probably many other things that I can't remember right now because they're gone :)
I've watched both Dottie and Valora get better over the last week with their juice feasting. Dottie has an amazing glow to both her skin and eyes. She even seems to have more energy and spring in her step heading to the door even though she will still say she has some aches and pains (I'm going to say detox symptoms). Valora definately appears more toned and there is a new calmness about her, I can't wait to see what another 30 days brings.
I would love some of my friends to just give it a try, even if just to prove it to themselves that they can feel better. It's worth the little extra money to buy "my expensive hippie food", which is certainly cheaper then all the medications and doctor visits they need now.

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  1. Eating well is an amazing way to improve your health. And it's enjoyable too!