Monday, July 13, 2009

What I Want to HEAL

Keep in mind.. these are all things that I DID TO MYSELF (so don't feel sorry for me:) thru a lifestyle of unhealthy eating. So I blame no one but myself. Not my parents or ancestors for their "genes" they passed on to me. I am an adult and in control of what I do to my body and what I put into my mouth. Having that said.. These are the things I want to heal:

~shoulder blade pain/ body aches
~increasingly worse eye sight (the kind that when you look at certain things it looks like a 3-D pic and you wait for an image to POP out at you..but nothing ever does)
~flab between my legs-yes..that's gross..and painful if you walk a lot and get hot and sweaty.. you know what I'm talking about
~sluggish feeling
~flabby upper arms with crinkles in them..barf
~flab & cellulite thighs, butt, back of calves..nasty
~swollen legs & feet & fingers by the end of the day (non-existent when I was thinner!)
~extra skin on my face
~too much boobs..yes that can be a problem
~pessimistic attitude at times and frustrated easily

This is a sum up of what I want to change.. A lot of it has to do with weight..but I want to be all the way around healthy. Just 3 years ago I was a size 3..and that was after having all my children. So I know I can be thin again..But the CHALLANGE is being HEALTHY and thin. I am soooo excited to see my body after treating it so wonderfully after 3 months, using healthy, nutritous foods and superfoods. It wasn't until 2 years ago that I realized (for the first time in my life) that processed foods were sooooooo unhealthy- to say the least! Seriously, I was raised in the city and quite nieve... But here I am with much encouragement and support (by 1 friend in particular...not mentioning any names...KENDRA:) Others have said things here and there that got me thinking..Also I did the Master Cleanse and I understood the need for a raw diet..but I was sooo not getting it.. Now I do. And am very grateful for it. YAY! ok..I'm done boring whoever may even be reading this...

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