Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weight Time~ Day 20

I have just completed 20 days of a 92 day Juice Feast. And it has been a blast! I am looking better and I feel RAWSOME! No complaints. Well.. maybe one.. (I'm female..what can I say) I did just get my B12 supplement and I should have done that much sooner.. I am still trying to be focused on taking all my supplements each day..which is knocked out easily in a few minutes if I just do it.. I didn't bring everything on our trip so my excuse the past two days is that I am trying to get back into that routine. The supplements I am taking probably aren't what comes to your mind when I say that.. What I take each day on top of my juices is: MSM (1-3T) Bee Pollen Granules (1T) Kelp Granules (1/2t) Hemp Oil (1T) Cell Food (3x/day..the site recommends Zeolite) and Cascara Sagrada (as needed)~I should be taking Spirulina @ 2T/day..but I am shamefully not, as well as Probiotics and Enzymes.. It is also recommended to use Raw Honey if needed in the drinks as a sweetener..but I don't do that.. and even to use Coconut Oil (1T+) not only for your drinks but of course also for your skin. At day 30 you add in Stone Breaker which helps clean out the kidneys.. So I just bought that and am eagerly awaiting the use of it.

Tonight I realized that I had not posted my weight (at least in skimming my last entries it didn't look as if I gave the actual amount) so I thought I would post it.. As of this morning I weighed 163..which is 11.5 lbs down from where I started:) YAY!! So..hypothetically speaking..if I continued at about a .5 lb weight loss a day..I would be down nearly 50 lbs by the time I completed my healing process..if that is comfortable with my body. That would put me around 124 or so..I like the sound of it..but the only other times I have weighed that is when I was very unhealthy and not eating but 1 or so meals a day.. So we'll see what my body is interested in doing. Keep in mind, I have had 4 children..so if I can do this and be slim and healthy..ANYONE can do it! And I will be encouraging the friends more once I have successfully completed this.

Well I guess that is it for tonight. Just so you know..I am addicted to carrots/celery/cucumber! Also..they are relatively cheap so that could be part of it:) Carrots/lb is .89, Celery/head /.99-1.99, and Cucumbers are FREE right now because I have friends that love me:) ~Keep in mind..this is all organic. And I am juicing 1 head of celery, 1+ lbs of carrots and 2 super duper large cucumbers a day.. No fruit juice today..only water.. And I crave water..Which is awesome.. Oh..I am drinking alkaline water at a ph of 9..Does anyone know what ph I should be drinking for healing and losing weight, and why?

Oh!! Great news! On the way back home Sunday..my husband expressed the desire to "Start Eating Better".. Later that night at home after our children were in bed he (without being coersed) got down my Idiots Guide to Vegan Cooking and read thru it. He found several recipes he'd like to make for himself and the children..he wrote them down and asked me to get the ingredients..which I hurriedly did on Monday:) I am soo excited! Even for lunch this week he has taken the wraps I made for the weekend and the tofuna to work..With an apple and I am not sure what else..But I tell you this! He didn't have any yoplait yogurt (which he always HAS to have 2 a day for work~so he says)..but not this week! And when I made the grocery list he didn't even ask for them!! I will keep you updated on his progress! I am amazed!

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