Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take responsibility for your own health

People want to keep eating and drinking what's causing many of their health problems in the first place, and then run to the doctor to get pills to try and counteract the bad consequences of their choices.

I'm talking about the Standard American Diet (SAD), which includes processed foods like soda, diet soda, fast food, chips, etc., and meat, eggs and dairy. Yes, that includes all meat and dairy: beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. Humans have a very hard time digesting these products, so why make your body work harder than it needs to, when it could be utilizing its resources rebuilding cells, fighting infections and cleaning our systems?

There is absolutely no nutritional need for humans to eat animal flesh, or drink the milk of another species. No other animals on earth drink the milk of other animals, so why are we such huge consumers of milk and dairy products?

And why aren't doctors telling people to stop eating junk food and animal-based products? Because they are supporting the big businesses and government subsidized organizations known as the meat industry, the dairy industry and processed food companies, plus supporting the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and creating job security for themselves.

Why not stop putting in the bad animal-based and processed food and replace it with real, organic, whole food and see how your body reacts?

It will love you for taking care of yourself, and eating like we were meant to in the first place.

Take positive steps to help your body nourish and heal itself. Feed it real food: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, honey. There are so many choices out there to enjoy! And please eat organic and local whenever possible.

Why do so many people think that those of us who are vegetarian, vegan or raw foodists are the weird ones? WAKE UP! Look around at the average person in the US, knowing that now ~60% of adults are overweight/obese, and have chronic pain and diet related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Keep eating the SAD and you too can look forward to and 'enjoy' these consequences of your food choices in the future!

You can pay more for good, organic, wholesome, non-animal based real food now, or you can eat less expensive processed, animal-based food and pay with your health for the rest of your life.

It's your choice... make it a good one.

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