Monday, July 27, 2009

No Weight Change but...

It's all good. Kendra pointed out to me that we did sit the majority of 26 waking hours in a 3 day period. The Great News is that my body was sill obviously working hard and burned up more "stuff" because I still lost inches.. So wahoo for my body!

I'm snacking on raw it looks like it's time to head out to Whole Foods.. When I say snacking..I'm not even meaning a tbsp.. OH!! Kendra shared with me the importance of at least having a rebounder..or for us cheaper people..a $30 mini trampoline from the Evil Empire.. Meijer's has one but it's $ walmart wins;( Anyhow.. youtube has a video that gives you a little heads up on the use of a mini trampoline.. it's at Please check it out!

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