Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Checking In

It's day 21 and I am feeling..okay..
Being honest with myself..ever since Monday I have been excessively tired..not all day each day..but's been interesting. And today didn't help much..I woke up and didn't have time to juice (didn't make time to juice) so I did the Master Cleanse for today with LOTS of water. So tomorrow I will pick back up juicing. This surely has contributed to the tired/lazy feelings I have been having ~which unfortunately reminds me of when I was 11 lbs heavier and somewhat depressive. Also..I have been exceedingly cold the past two days.. So today I finally put it all together and I think that maybe my body is ridding of illnesses/sicknesses that don't show major symptoms, so it's not as obvious as if say I were to have a full blown cold. Also..I realized that many people who have done juice feasts say that when you get around the 3rd week that you start going through the mental part of it and physical part of it.. So we'll just ride this out!! I have no intentions of stopping..just trying to be honest with myself.

No weight difference for today. For me it's usually 1 lb every two days instead of half a pound a day.. I am excited about taking measurements again this weekend. My husband told me today that he has noticed that my belly is going down.. Which could be taken offensively..but since I am doing something about it and enjoying the feasting, It's all good:)

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