Saturday, July 11, 2009

Juicy Day 3

Okay..honesty check! My head is hurting. However though, my body feels great (even with it being THAT time of the month). I am a litttle odory under the pits.. Not so great. But hey, it can only get better..eventually. I admit, I am detoxing..which is great..but it makes me think..why in the world would I dare want to put toxins back into my body once I am all cleaned out?! So I am definitely going to be raw afterwards. Now I know that we are totally emerged in toxins/ pollutants from the air and such..which I don't have much control over...BUT I DO have control over what I PUT IN my body! That being said..
Today I did something different with the juices.. I mixed them up individually (i.e. a whole head of celery, 1 lb of carrots, a few cucumbers) and put them in their own jars. Then when I was ready to drink them I mixed them together in a separate container. It worked out fine.. I'll keep you guys posted if I continue to do it that way and the benefits. Other than cucumber, celery, carrots, spinach/collards I also juiced pineapple. Don't forget, I had watermelon from yesterday and mixed a little of that, when ready, with the veggies. Today's juicing experience has been fine. I don't feel overwhelmed with it. So that's a plus!!
I did do the unmentionable, only 1 BM today and that was right after it. I'm going to have to look into that because I know I should be having more movements..I've just never really been regular.. TMI, I know..
Okay..My husband just took pics of me (disgusting)..But the truth does hurt!! So I am going to try to find out how to post them..
Good night to all.. Will post my daily routine tomorrow (if time permits). Oh, I will not be doing my measurements tomorrow, but will next weekend. Will post my morning weight tomorrow.
Umm...I posted the pictures!! There is NO going back!! This is totally humiliating!! But for the better good of myself and anyone else I may be able to inspire:)

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