Thursday, July 9, 2009

Juice Feasting Day 1

Okay..that wasn't so bad. Day 1 down, 91 to go. Looking optimistic. Feeling great!!
I probably shouldn't tell you what I have been thinking..but it has kept me totally focused..and will surely be a lot of what keeps me focused throughout this feast. goes.
I was in public today.....and shouldn't that be enough said?? There were a bunch of "me's" walking around, and worse even...all toxic and preserved and chemicalized and such.. Yeah..there is definitely NO turning back!! Who needs a support group when you can go to a public place and realize what you don't want to be.. :(
Well today I had nearly 3/4 gallon of greens, about 40 oz of fruit, and some alkaline water. No supplements or anything. No BM's either.
Tomorrow's goal is water first thing in the morning as suggested (1 qt w/ 1/2 lemon squeezed), then..the unmentionable.., and MSM, bee pollen, kelp and hemp oil- all added to my juices-at least to my green ones.
Will weigh myself in the a.m., tho I'm not expecting any pound difference.
I hope I am not boring you cyber peeps.. Good night for now.

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