Thursday, July 30, 2009

Juice Feasting Anyone??

Okay..I have a challenge for YOU! Yeah, you! All who are viewing this.. How are you feeling?

Any issues..diabetes..feeling lousy and just want a CHANGE? Please join me in juice feasting. Even if it's for a shorter period of time. I have 70 days left and am looking for some friends to join me. Dottie is close behind me and feeling and looking Spectacular!! Only great results are happening to the ones juicing.

So..what can you give?? Will you do 1 day? 10 days? 20 days or 30 days? Let me know. Let's start on Monday. (that way you'll have time to get the produce) I have found a superior, inexpensive way to juice! Also, I have an excellent resource juice book that addresses many ailment, and tells the ratio of produce and juice amount (equaling 16 oz per drink). Let me know and I can give you that information. In a separate post I'll give you a little encouragement as to what you should probably have on hand to do a juice feast, even a mini one.

SO.. Who's with me?? I need the support. Plus it's fun to do this with friends. Think about all the compliments you WILL be getting!!


  1. I want in. I need to research this a bit more first, and I told you yesterday, I am curious how this affects breastfeeding, but I am ready to begin. Where do we start? Let's unlearn more of the S.A.D and get RAW-SOME! ! !

  2. Okay..then I'm coming over! doesn't recommend juice feasting and breastfeeding..but there are alternatives. We discussed them.. I'll be over to help get the smoothie going:)