Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Back...

OK, it's been about 3 weeks since my last post so here goes. I have been very busy moving and out in service so my eating has become much simpler. After going out of town for the weekend and eating a couple of vegan cooked meals and feeling terrible its all raw from here on. I have recently become obsessed with salads, especial any kind of Asian salad. As Woody Harrelson put it "If you're going to be raw you have to learn to make a really good salad". I've never really liked salads until a couple of weeks ago and after a few days on green smoothies and salads I felt amazing. So now I'm learning to make my own dressings and suddenly cabbage is my new favorite ingredient.
On to another subject, my friends Valora and Dottie juice feasting - awesome! So proud of them, and they don't know it but they're already looking better so something is working.
Over the weekend we went to see Food Inc. in Cincinnati. That movie will definitely make you think twice about chemicals and who controls your food. Another movie I just saw is Raw for 30 Days and it was amazing how easily people can be cured from life long health problems just by changing what they put in their mouths. Although the whole detox thing can be rough, as Valora and Dottie are finding out, it is temporary and after that it's all good!

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