Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green Smoothie Girl Busts Protein Myth

This is an except from GreenSmoothieGirl.com... You can do your own research..just be discerning at WHO is sponsoring the information.. Okay..GreenSmoothieGirl says:

The idea that beef, chicken, fish and other animal products are the “best” source of protein is ingrained in the American psyche because of very successful work on the part of the multibillion-dollar cattle and dairy industries. They have immeasurable help from the fact that bodybuilders can show impressive bulk as a result of eating “quality” animal proteins. The plant protein source is, in fact, superior.

People are surprised to learn that vegetables have plenty of protein. To believe that, you have to let go of the idea of 20 percent protein being good and necessary—Colin Campbell’s animal studies in The China Study, and then his largest human nutrition study ever conducted, documented that a 20 percent animal protein diet leads to all the modern degenerative diseases. Campbell noted that rats fed 20 percent casein (cow-milk protein) developed cancerous tumors and died early, while those fed 5 percent casein were lean and vigorous beyond their life expectancy. When the diets of the two groups were switched, Campbell and other researchers around the world repeatedly got consistent results. Formerly lean animals developed tumors and died on a high-protein diet. And the tumors of overweight, cancer-ridden animals disappeared and life expectancy increased when they were switched to low-protein feed.

A “quality” protein (animal flesh that matches human flesh closely) isn’t the same thing as “good” protein, as Campbell discusses extensively in The China Study. Your body can assemble all the amino acids from a plant protein source to create more quality muscle mass that does not break down quickly like that in heavy-meat-eating athletes.

I inadvertently put Stephen Arlin’s theory and observation that plant-based muscle mass is more enduring to the test recently. I peeled a tendon off my shoulder kickboxing and was forced to take a nine-month break from all weight training while rehabilitating. When I returned (having eaten my long-time, vegetable-intensive and animal-products-minimal diet), I was able to lift my original weight within two weeks and had lost no visible muscle definition.

Fact: Animal flesh and animal products may lead to quick muscle mass, but eating lots of animal flesh is a Faustian bargain: short-term gain for a steep long-term price. Protein powders and bars are a fad designed to increase protein intake beyond healthy ratios.

A plant protein source is best and leads to long-lasting, slower-to-build but slower-to-degenerate muscle mass. A typical American 20 percent animal protein diet is linked to cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and many more risks.

So..swallow that:) You can buy The China Study on Amazon.com for cheap..or even check it out at your local library. That's how I read it..now I own it.. Also, from Dr. Campbell came the movie A Delicate Balance.. Which I've yet to see:( Soon I hope..

Anyhow.. If you have health issues.. NOW is the time to help your body along.. Help your body do what it was created to deal.. Heal itself. Do you want to be healthy? I guess that is the question we must ask ourselves.. If yes..then Awesome.. because you have the control. There is plenty of yummy organic healthy foods that we eat that will actually help support our immune system that will trigger the body's natural ability to heal itself. What empowerment. To know that you helped your body be an illness, dis-ease, cancer fighting machine:) Which again, is all healed thru what we put in our mouths. Simple enough:)

More on protein and such later..

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