Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Day to ALL~

I believe today is day 23..Juice Feasting.. Yummy!
Today I had, for my fruit drink, honeydew with one apple added to it.. It was tasty! I left a lot of the rind from the honeydew, so that's why I added the apple to sweeten it up a bit. For the veggie drink..well..same-ole.. I'm going to make a drink from my special book tomorrow. Right now our house is up-side-down and I truly can't function like this.. :(

Oh.. here's some "was-gonna-be-good-news":
We nearly went microwave free today! I would say WoHoo!! but we got home..I cleaned our microwave out, put it under the house, cleaned where it used to lie in all of its evilness.. Then..the UNTHINKABLE happened!! We opened our EXPENSIVE new toaster oven/convection oven and it had NO tray or rack! What's up with that?! Then we called the company who makes it to see if this was the way it was supposed to come (within their stated business hours) and no one answered!! Deep breath..I digress. So then my husband went under the house and brought back up the microslave! Anyhow..I am now thoroughly saddened:( But..I have decided that between now and when we get a REAL ONE..I am going to train my children how to use the oven and stove..

Wow! Two un-smiley faces in one post.. Not so good.. Does anyone have an awesome convection oven that they recommend? Please let me know asap! Thanks so much! Until we meet again..


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