Monday, July 13, 2009

Feasting Day 5- Already

Great Evening! I thought I would change up my color for today:)
I feel GREEAAAT! I got some relaxation time in today.. It's been really nice.. Also got to spend some time in the vitamin maker-the Sun.
Well today I have had some realizations...
While I was in the bathroom doing the unmentionable, then the dry brushing...all the while naked, mind you... I realized that it was actually quite healthy for me to be in the nude. (Which I never do! I hide from mirrors and the last few days while doing the unmentionable I was still clothed! atleast half way:) Anyway..I was able to look in the mirror while brushing the backs of my legs and so forth.. And while that was a totally disgusting sight, it helped me come to reality with the way my body looks right now. To embrace it, or accept it, and mooove on. (Which is contrary to the partial denial most of us are in when we are overweight.) Also, while I lied on my back during the unmentionable, something floated thru my mind that I read on David and Katrina's site ( it is a reminder of what I am doing.. and my circumstances is that "I am an obese disease healer".. "I heal obesity".. I like thinking like that.. You can say whatever you want.. just stay focused on the "why" your are taking serious (and to some.. drastic) steps to heal your body from what you have done to it. My immediate next post will be all the things I don't want going on with my body, that I am trying to heal.
Today's juices went just fine. I increased my water intake today to about a 1/2 gallon. I only had 1/2 gallon of green juice and 1 qt of pineapple/grapefruit. I'm just not that hungry today. Oh, I didn't really like the fruit juice combo..I should have added an orange and lemon:) YUMMY.. I'll do that tomorrow since I still have the other half of the pineapple left. Yay!
No weight change..and I have decided that I will not weigh everyday. I'd like to say that I will only weigh on weekends, but I am not that disciplined. I want to weigh in the morning, and then try to hold off until the weekend.
Good gross news.. I finally had 2 bm's in one day. Actually while I was writing this. I know, I my kids say.. TMI!!
I guess that's all for tonight. Please send happy thoughts to my friend who is Juice Feasting too! Today is her day 2 and she is feeling really tired. Also, she is a coffee aholic and is doing great!! So she is going thru the pains of coming off that as well.
OH!! I dry skin brushed two times today..which is AWESOME!! I did the left side of my body (all of it) and then looked at the difference of my right side. You could see how beautiful the skin on the left looked.. It made me want to do it again immediately..but I didn't want to peel my skin off:) Haha
Good night for now!

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