Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 9

Hello to anyone reading this~

Today is day 9 and was the un-normal-ist so far.

Again I was a little tired half way thru the day.. I woke up so late today that I was not able to do the unmentionable:( tears dropping.. nor able to really juice. I made due with 1 1/2 lbs of carrots juiced and some water (with MSM and cell food in it). When I got home I drank more water and juiced a peach, apple and pear. Then I took a nap and drank more water. My daughter juiced one apple for me (she wanted to "play" and she was eating an apple and I thought ~yummy~ so she juiced me one:).. So definitely too much fruit juice today..

I'm minutes away from going to bed and am looking forward to greens and more veggies tomorrow. At least I did not succumb to any temptations:) My family made great food choices that smelled really good. But I have much bigger goals in mind than surrendering my health to a taste of non-juiced fruits/veggies. I know where I want to be and the only thing that can stop that is me and weakness :) So..I hope I continue to push thru any and all temptations.

Over the past several months I have gained so much knowledge about food choices and the benefits/consequences not only to myself but the environment and animals that I would have to be in total denial to go back to where I was say 2 years ago. No Thank You! I appreciated something that was said on the documentary "Eating".. How can you have pets/say you're an animal lover and allow animals to be killed (especially how inhumanely their lives are terminated). No matter your excuse..It's totally a Double Standard. So we have to be honest with ourselves and own up to reality instead of hide behind the idea "but I need protein".. Do some research and find it elsewhere. Simple as that. Okay..stepping down from tiny soap box..

So.. are any of you reading this considering going Vegetarian?? Vegan?? Raw?? Or want to try 30-60-90 days of JuiceFeasting?? Let me know..

Oh..To date I've lost 7 lbs.. I did get a new scale so when I weigh in the morning it may not be down the 7 lbs.. we'll see and I'll post it tomorrow. Also..looking forward to taking measurements. Looks like it will have to be Sunday evening..tomorrow is going to be insanely busy:)

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