Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 8 and Going STRONG:)

Great Evening.. Tho I am a bit tired.. as a "normal" person should be (I guess)..I feel wonderful. Still a little achy in my back and a slight headache earlier..but overall I feel fine.
Today was a long day of that zapped my energy (getting ready for next weekend- convention time:)
I have gone thru my normal routine.. 1/2 gallon veggies, 1 qt fruit, 1/2 gallon water..and now I have 18 oz of carrot juice to sip on (Yummy!)
I did the unmentionable this a.m. along with dry skin brushing then a shower (and drank 1qt water with lemon, cell food and MSM). I'm not doing the recommended hot/cold shower yet until I get my filter that removes chlorine (don't want to sink that nasty stuff any deeper than it already gets!).
My juices are pretty's whatever I have on hand. I surely need some fine tuning for the juices so as to continue to stomach them for the next 3 months:) So I ordered a book from Amazon..Ut oh..I may have already told you guys that.. Either way.. It's called Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices.. It should be here by the beginning of next week.. Yay! For now I just add whatever.. Like today I have cucumber, celery, collard, coconut milk, squash, carrots, and used apple and pear to sweeten it..Then for my other one I used the same veggies and then 3 handfuls of blackberries to sweeten it. I also added aloe vera, hemp oil and kelp to them both. I've not added greens like spirulina or chlorella or blue-green algae to my drinks yet.. :(
Well that's all for tonight.. Talk to all tomorrow evening:)
Help some of this info might help someone. Either does help me:)

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