Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 6 Juice Feasting

Great Evening to ALL~
Today has been wonderful! I was slightly tired around 5pm so I endulged in a nap.. most excellent. Woke feeling GREAT and energized! ~usually I would still feel sluggish!

Today I drank all 1 gallon of juices plus a 1/2 gallon (at least) of water:) Doing great.. No complaints.
I also did the unmentionable this morning..all went smoothly.. and the dry brushing as well. I am highly (and have been) interested in getting the filter for the shower that removes chlorine (so I am not constantly re-contaminating myself).. So this week that is my financial endeavor.. One for us (hubby and I) and one for the kids bathroom.
No significant changes.. I DO need a better scale. I believe I have lost 2 more pounds but a confirmation is needed soon:) I'm excited about measurements and weight posting this weekend. I will NOT be discouraged if there isn't much change.. My body is very stubborn. Just "keep moving forward"..
Sorry this post is el-lameo.. But today was a very nice..flow-ey kinda day:) I love the peacein my brain..that is PRICELESS:)

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