Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 4 of Juice Feasting

WaHoo!! It's day 4 and I'm feeling great! Not truly as energized as I just sounded:) but none the less, I'm doing well.
I have GREAT NEWS!! My friend has joined the juicing wagon:) Now I have live, active support!! I am so excited. So today was her day 1!! I am going to try to get her to be active on this site too so you guys can see her progress. If she's willing, soon she and I will post the exact things about ourselves that are going on that we hope to be rid of. (i.e. eyesight issues, back pain, high blood pressure..etc..)
I did weigh this morning and I am down 2 lbs. And that's great, it means the weight loss has begun! So 2 down, 38 to go:) I'm excited about having new skin and being completely healthy. It's like I get a "do over" with my body. You know how we sometimes say..if I were 18 again and knew what I know now.. Well that's how I feel with my body and my eating choices. I get a do over:)
Today has been good with my eating/juicing. I have had about a gallon of veggie/fruit drinks.. I may have one more green drink this evening..but for now there's a lot to do (and I don't have any extra made up at the moment).
I woke today and did the unmentionable..everything came out pun intended:) Again tho..I've not had any movements since.
I'm going for now.. Yuck on the pics.. I should delete them!! Haha

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