Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 2

Feeling great! It's the evening of day 2 and all is well. A slight ping in my stomach telling me that it just might be shrinking a little. I have a little more control of my stomach muscles (which is great because I have had several children and not often can I really control those muscles).
Today I had 8 oz of straight carrot juice for breakfast (yum!) -830am, then kale, spinach and apple (1 qt) -which is best if you blend greens with a smudge of water..then juice (and I realized I don't really like the kale much yet..that may change as I get more "green".
For lunch I had lots of spinach, 1 apple, 2 handfuls of blackberry (1 qt). As the day turned to evening I made about 40 oz of watermelon but have only drank about 4 oz- am saving the rest for tomorrow. And right now I am drinking about 12 oz of straight cucumber juice -not so tasty. You can add spices/herbs if you'd like..I'm just afraid I'll ruin it even more:)
Supplements.. I did add Hemp oil, MSM and kelp in today.. And I found Cell Food-which a different brand of toxin remover is recommended on the Juice Feasting website, but what I have has been around for 30 years and is trusted by I am pleased. I added 8 drops of that into my cucumber juice..
OH!! This morning I woke with some slight detox symptoms.. My nose was very stuffy.. It immediately cleared up..But that is actually a GREAT sign!
This evening I feel very at peace, mentally clear..even amongst my 4 children who demand a lot of attention from me:)..
I guess that's it for now..
Will touch base tomorrow..

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