Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 13 of Juicing

Great Day to All~
Today is day 13 and wow! I can't believe it is going soo fast! Tomorrow will be two weeks and I am going to post some more pics (either tonight or tomorrow). My belly is immediately reaping the rewards. Granted I still have the nasty belly thru the shirt gross thing going on..but soon it will be defeated. I am trying to appreciate every bit of progress my body makes.. Speaking of which..again I am down one more pound..

I make the "same old" juices for now..still awaiting the arrival of "that" book. Yesterday I made an awesome juice. It was simply carrots, cucumber and celery.. Loved it! Today I went to remake that and realized I have ZERO carrots?! And I was just at Whole Foods!! Well fortunately Kendra is there today and picking me up some:) Yay for good friends!!

Today I saw Dottie and she was sipping on a huge jar of tomatoes, green pepper and garlic! And it was ROCKING!! She practically had to chase me down and pry it from my hands:) Thanks for sharing Dottie;) She said her weight loss has grown stagnant for a few days.. So any one have any encouraging words to share with her?? Please post them:) Fortunately she has a few friends (local) to support her..and her husband is pretty supportive too (even buys her organic fruits/veggies:)

I think it is about time to address the "nutrient" issue or "protein" issue that occasionally comes up due to the feasting or even a raw vegan diet.. So I will do that in a separate post.

Oh..but first.. I have to let you all in on a little secret.. My husband who was raised on a farm.. (reminds me of Dr. T. Campbell who wrote The China Study) is a BIG meat eater.. When I started getting informed and educated about food quality (across the board) I started going to Whole Foods.. I would take him with me and encourage him to get free range, non-hormone, organic? meat (what was on sale at least:).. And the more documentaries we have watched and as he's seen my transformation (slowly but surely)..he's changing?!? Too..Dottie's husbands change of heart about what he's eating may also be impacting him?? Anyway.. You know how we are going to the convention this weekend and I have been planning my family's meals.. Well.. my husband got online last night and found some vegetarian meals that he thinks he would enjoy.. I am so thrilled because that is totally "off" for him. But I have to give him credit.. The past..oh.. about 4 months or so he has totally cut back his meat eating. It's not even daily anymore. Then, when I got online later after him.. I saw he had been looking at a book about helping your children to be raw.. Very fascinating!! While I definitely don't want to nor ever look to forcing my children to be 100% raw (tho I think it would be totally awesome..and if this system continues to next year..you never know..we might actually be a 100% raw family) I do aspire for them to be 80%+ raw.. That would ROCK! And on this journey..I just want to help them know and understand why it benefits them to make healthy food choices.

Hope to post pics soon:) Also..I am going to take better measurements and post them.. Then go from there.

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