Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 12

The past two days have flown by.. maybe it's because we're getting ready to be out of town this weekend. So then it looks like this week is going to fly by! Actually, I will only be able to post the next two evenings, then I'll be "off" until Sunday evening or Monday morning..depends on how late we get in Sunday evening.

Anyhow..I did weigh this morning.. Down 1 lb to 167. I forgot I was going to try to wait until Wednesday.. Old habits die hard:) I know it's moving slowly..which is good..but I am soo thrilled to finally be under 170!! It's been a looong time. My mini goal is to be under 160.. I am working towards that goal now:)

Today's juices were scarce.. But I feel great. I bought some groceries from Whole Foods this evening and found a drink that is organic and raw.. made with Kambuchi:) and chlorophyll and green goodies! It's been fermented..and I feel a little buzz somewhere inside me.. Haha I just thought I would try something that I could buy and immediately indulge in. That I guess will be my occasional "chocolate".

I have been using my ph strips and things have been looking good consistently for a few days.. Still working on it tho.

Good night to all and to all a good night.

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