Thursday, July 9, 2009

I got the CHAMPION!

WOW! It's really happening.. I got my Champion it was time for serious business!
To prepare, I checked thru my veggies to see what was still any good (last week I got over zealous in awaiting the arrival of the juicer and bought some veggies..silly girl). Then I made a run to Whole Foods and bought just a little more.. The Farmer's Market was going on outside Whole Foods and I SCORED there!
Ok, on to the juicy part!! Once the little ones were in bed (after cleaning the juicer and reading the instructions -a must) the fun began. Our kitchen is sooo tiny that even a leprechaun would have a hard time doing ANYTHING in there.. Nonetheless, our deep freezer is home to the Champion (underneath it is hiding pounds of meat, blaah!:).. Will post pics of my "cooking area".
Well my husband had the pleasure of turning on the juicer, we expected as much noise as my old blender at the least, and to our pleasant surprise, no such thing. It was a steady hum, I'd call it. First went in a cucumber, cut in long strips, then some romaine from our garden, about a half a head, then an apple (red delish), baby spinach and 3 carrots. Most tasty. I did have to stop and clean it once, but it is really a cinch! Very impressed!!

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