Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BodyBuilding and Vegetables

Yes..these go hand in hand according to a recent article published on Very fascinating. Just go to their website, click on supersite, and type in vegetables.. In particular there is one article by Clayton South and it begins by saying "Believe it or not, vegetables may be just as important as protein for overall health and muscle building. Learn more about what they are right and what they do right here." (emphasis mine)

The fact is, which you will hopefully see, is that if you eat a variety of raw fruits and veggies, which have the respective essential amino acids, that our God-given intelligent bodies will know how to form them into the necessary proteins (which is easily assimilated in our bodies due to it not being cooked-so it still has the proper enzymes to help break down and assimilate, and also because many fruits/veggies have a high water content). However if you use cooked meat as your primary form of protein..That's just it..they are cooked therefore you lose out on at least 80% of the supposed nutrients and also you are eating already formed into complete animal proteins which our body has to there break down, and try to re-assimilate them into proteins our bodies can use. So you are taking chances that your body will get it right (which all of this takes at the least 8 hours to do..not to mention if you have intestinal or bowel could take even longer which leads to fermentation..yada yada).

One more point.. The stomach acids in the wall of our stomach are there to keep our stomach from eating itself.. (it is meat/muscle).. So when we eat meat..our stomach acids attack the meat, believing it is our stomach wall/lining and tries to preserve it.. Blah!! That is totally disgusting. ever wondered why you have stomach ulcers..? Please..if you have any questions..just ask.. point is.. Please..even if you eat meat..don't ask vegan/rawist/vegetarians where they get their protein from.. It really is old.. Do some research without out your bias view (I mean that lovingly) and you will find a plethora of information.. So here's to raw veggies..Yum! Do you like carrots? They ROCK juiced!! Preferably organic..they are only 89cents a pound! Wahoo!!

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