Friday, June 26, 2009

Juice Feasting, not Fasting:)

If you are interested in a drastic change to health, beauty and life.. join me on a 92 day Juice Feasting Journey.
Juice Feasting is when you juice only fruit/veggie, using a blender and cheesecloth (or juicer if you already have one). Truly you can juice for 30 - 120 days, but I'm dedicated to juicing for 92 days.

You can get the WHOLE picture/plan by clicking on the link on this site called.. Juice Feasting. Or if you have any questions, just post it.
Today I ordered a Champion Juicer, yay, and the best price I found is with vitaglo (plus they have free shipping:) Will keep all posted. Looks like my life will be changing soon.. Very exciting!!

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